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            Expert Weapon choose the right using the "share and care" electronic massager
            Published: 2015-4-15

            Xinhua Lanzhou December 12 (Reporter Zhang Wenjing) With Christmas, New Year's Day is coming, electronic massage and other health products are increasingly popular. But massager on the market a range of different prices, how to buy and use electronic massager problem is that many consumers confused.


            This reporter recently visited several shopping centers in Lanzhou City, was found to buy many consumer electronic massage, they value most health care massage, relieve fatigue function. The mall's many types of massage, small mini massage balls, large luxury massage chair massage of the cervical spine, back pain, but also massage the eye, and the prices vary, high to low tens of million dollars.


            Lanzhou City Orthopedics Hospital, director Zhang Sisheng bone two reports, even though electronic massage has many features, but not all are suitable for use massager. Consumers before buying, it should be clear to buy massage purposes. If, for health purposes, consumers can choose the right massage according to their own circumstances, in accordance with the Operating Instructions. If it is for the treatment of certain diseases, preferably under the guidance of a doctor based on their purchase of targeted disease, identify the corresponding points symptomatic massage.


            Some people think massage longer, the more pain the better, this is a misunderstanding. Time to use electronic massage should not exceed 30 minutes, try to control the number of times a day 2-3 times. If you massage a part of continuous stimulation, sometimes human soft tissue damage, resulting in congestion and swelling, but not the purpose of effective treatment. "Zhangsi Sheng said.


            Zhang Sisheng advised consumers to buy the regular manufacturers of massage, non-formal electronic massage the body has the potential radiation hazards. In addition, he said, skin diseases, such as pregnant women and children should not use electronic massage, patients with hypertension, heart disease and other diseases, especially the elderly such diseases, and it is not often use electronic massager.

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