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            "Bow clan" ninety percent cervical pain With times easily massager can alleviate quickly
            Published: 2015-4-15

            Recently, a "35 men play mobile phones cause cervical vertebra degradation such as the 70 - year - old" of the news caused a lot of netizens. Reporters from the Chinese university of Chinese medicine the neck the place expert professor wang to understand, neck shoulder pain should belong to the senile disease, but now more and more in young people. Experts say, play, play computer, cell phone has become a primary cause of cervical spondylosis, suggested that young people play mobile phones or computers, don't keep a posture for a long time.


            The young cervical spondylosis prevalence over the old man


            A decade ago to see cervical spondylosis is the elderly over the age of 50, now completely reversed. Elderly patients with less and less, more and more young patients. "Professor wang said, now, around 30 years old, has become a high incidence of cervical spondylosis age, college students, white-collar workers, office workers and other sedentary family the highest incidence of cervical spondylosis, and nine out of 10 are all like to play mobile phone, play computer for a long time." A lot of young patients have a bad habit, is often depend on the sofa or bed play mobile phone or tablet, too tired fell asleep, so the injury of cervical vertebra. "


            Serious "mobile phone neck" will lead to high blood pressure


            The normal cervical physiological radian is a C shape. Play mobile phone, play computer for a long time, can make the neck muscle and ligament tissue pull a long period of time, change the normal spine curvature, that cause cervical spondylosis. "Zhang Chengliang introduction, cervical spondylosis if segment including carotid and vertebral artery, nerve root, sympathetic, etc., in addition to the neck ache, will also bring a series of symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, arm and fingers numb, serious can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, even in seemingly have nothing to do with cervical breast pain symptoms."


            The same gesture MoChao half an hour


            Professor wang pointed out that for a long time play mobile phone to the injury of the cervical spine is regardless of age. "Lie or play mobile phone every day, no more than a month will harm the cervical vertebra and lumbar. So preferably bow desk is less and less, exercise more, as far as possible when watching computer, playing mobile phone up half an hour to rest for a while, don't keep a posture for a long time."


            To ease the cervical discomfort, professor wang introduces a simple method for everybody. "With a soft towel beer bottles, under the neck, lie on your back half an hour every day, hold to a month, can let a return to normal curvature of cervical vertebra, improve cervical spondylosis symptom such as dizziness, headaches. If the trouble can also choose to use times easily neck massager, able to quickly and efficiently solve the problem of cervical vertebra.

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